Your Event Information

This form is to help the Venture Centre team make your event easy for you by providing information about it. With this information we will:
- create a booking form on Business Axis
- create collateral for FB, IG and EDM that will be sent to you to share with your networks
- promote your event/workshop on our Social Media channels, via EDM to our database (1 specific and 1 as part of our regular EDM)
NOTE: we are not promoting for you but alongside you!

Once on sale we will:
- update you daily with ticket sales numbers and names
- provide you with sign in form on the day
- provide you with .csv of all your attendees
- send you an event wrap up document including the total sales minus the agreed revenue share
- pay out to you on reception of your invoice (sent to,) once all payments from attendees have been received.

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