Pre-Office Hours Questionnaire


Congratulations on booking an Office Hours appointment.

We trust you will find it valuable and empowering.

Office Hours is designed to help you to find out 'what you didn't know you didn't know' (the DKDK syndrome!) about a certain aspect of your business from a local, expert service provider who has given time free of charge for this one-on-one meeting with you.

In order for you and the expert to make the most your time together there are a few basic details you need to share.

The information you provide will be shared with the provider and contributed to the aggregate data being collected to aid the development of the Digital Enablement Project – a Tauranga City Council and Western Bay District Council initiative to support business owners in the region to begin PoweringON their business.

Thank you for accessing the Office Hours service.

We will look forward to finding out if and how it was useful to you.

There are 7 questions in this survey.